10 things dogs HATE about humans

As with all relationships, even dogs and humans can often have misunderstandings, but some of them go unnoticed to avoid these issues with your faithful friend you will have to ask yourself a number of questions, for example, you should know how adults think what their basic needs are or what things usually bother them do you want to know these common annoyances well you’re about to find out in this new article.

1) Load noises and strong odors:

 Hairdryers vacuum cleaners cars or fireworks are some examples this is normal since dogs have exceptional hearing and are much more sensitive to science than us, therefore any noise that might disturb you will surely terrify your pet.

Obviously there are dogs that have been bred to deal with loud noises and they won’t get scared, however, it is true that most hated and will need comfort it sometimes, the subject of strong odors is also something to consider just like their ears a dog’s nose is much more powerful than a human’s, therefore, any smell that seems quite strong to you will be incredibly intrusive to your pet.

2) Talking too much and not using body language :

Some owners speak to their dogs a lot although that’s fine if we speak too much without using gestures or short words that can easily be understood, we end up just burdening them.

 dogs prefer that you communicate with them through your body language and when you use short words or signs this helps, them during their training.

3) scolding them excessively or at the wrong time :

Perhaps when you’re in a bad mood or get angry because your dog has done something you don’t like you pass on that anger and negativity, still it’s important to remember that if you scold your do randomly are not right after their mishap they will never understand what’s going on or what they’ve done wrong, this bothers them a lot and can end up causing stress and even fear.

Lack  of routines and consistency:

 Dogs like to have a routine because they feel safer and more relaxed, failure to stick to schedules nagging them, or giving them inconsistent directions means that your dog will never integrate into your home properly and can remain in a state of stress or discomfort.

Set a schedule for your best friend always offer good care and stick to the same directions and commands, then they will never be restless or upset.

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