Mom Is Horrified When Her Doberman Drags Her Baby Across The Yard Until She Sees Why

It’s obviously alarming to see your animal going after your child but when Catherine realized why Khan had done what he did she realized she’d made a great decision to adopt him.

Adopting a shelter animal can b simultaneously one of the mos rewardin and anxiety-inducing times in any pe owners life, Catherine’s Miletich o Australia knows about that all too well, especially since she recently adopted a Doberman Pinscher named Khan.

Even though Catherine and her husband were fully aware that Khan came from an abusive home prior to adopting him they still had no qualms about introducing him to their 17 month old daughter Charlotte, when push came to shove they wanted to rescue an animal rather than buy one from a breeder Recently while young Charlotte was playing with the new dog in the family garden Catherine noticed something would be cause for concern for all pet owners, and especially parents when Catherine looked over she noticed that Khan was snarling and pushing Charlotte around, just a moment later the large Doberman grabbed the child by the diaper and tossed her across the yard like a rag doll.

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